SVAVO Automatic Air Freshener

Elevate Your Space with the SVAVO Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

Transforming your space into a fragrant oasis has never been easier. Discover the SVAVO Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser, a convenient and customizable solution that brings a delightful burst of fragrance to any room. From adjustable settings to versatile placement options, this innovative device offers a range of benefits that will enhance your environment and leave a lasting impression.

The Benefits of SVAVO Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

This device offers convenience, efficiency, and enhances air quality. It transforms your environment into a revitalizing haven in the following ways: 

  • Adjustable Fragrance Frequency:

Enjoy the perfect balance of freshness by setting the fragrance frequency to your preference.

Choose from intervals of 5, 15, or 25 minutes for a consistent and pleasant aroma throughout the day.

  • Diverse Refill Compatibility:

Experience freedom of choice with the SVAVO dispenser’s compatibility with various refill can sizes.

Select from a range of sizes, including 243ml, 250ml, 269ml, 270ml, and 300ml, ensuring you find your preferred fragrances.

  • Battery-Powered Efficiency:

Experience hassle-free operation with the SVAVO dispenser’s battery-powered design.

Simply insert two AA batteries (not included) for continuous and long-lasting fragrance without the need for cords or outlets.

  • Programmable Working Modes:

Customize the fragrance delivery to suit your lifestyle with programmable working modes.

Choose from Day mode, Night mode, or 24-hour mode to create the perfect ambiance at different times of the day.

  • Wall-Mounted Elegance:

Enhance your space with the SVAVO dispenser’s sleek wall-mounted design.

Mount it at your preferred height using the provided screws, ensuring optimal fragrance coverage throughout the room.

  • Versatile Freestanding Placement:

Enjoy the freedom to place the metered dispenser anywhere you desire.

Simply position it on your bedroom desk, office table, or any flat surface for instant fragrance diffusion.


With adjustable fragrance frequency, diverse refill compatibility, convenient battery-powered operation, and flexible placement options, this device offers a tailored and hassle-free experience. 

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