VIBE PRO REFILL ( 4 x 100 ML )


Enhance your space with our patented Vibe Pro Aircare Dispenser and Refills with pioneering vibrating Mesh Technology for superior scent delivery.

Vibe Pro Delivers an ultra- Fine mist that lasts for many hours. With 2,000 Laser cut holes , The Dispenser vibrates to create a mist of very fine fragrance particles through the holes.

Highly Effective at Ultra Low Concentrations

Ability to fragrance spaces for 30, 45,60 and 90 Days .

Remains airborne significantly longer without leaving surface deposits No Aerosols or Propellants.

Available fragrance includes Lavender & Geraniums, Bergamot & Sandalwoods, Citrus Mango, Ice Cool .

Suitable For Vibe Pro Dispensers

Manufactured In the United Kingdom.


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